Protective masks during the Coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic

In order to reduce the effects of exposure to the harmful effects of biological factors in the work environment and in the performance of everyday activities, it is necessary to use respiratory protection elements that protect against biological factors, such as masks.
In many cases, providing employees with appropriately selected respiratory protection equipment becomes the primary obligation of the employer. In other cases, the wearing of protective masks by each of us during our daily activities becomes essential.

Materials for the production of protective masks

Kora Textiles offers a number of materials for the production of protective masks:
  • 100% cotton in natural colors, otically bleached, various colors
  • Cotton combined with polyester fibers
  • Velor knitwear
  • Composites constituting replacement filters for protective masks in accordance with PN EN 14126

Protective coveralls for medical services

The coverall provides high protection against dust, particles, fibers, sprays and biological hazardous substances. A special group of clothing protecting against infectious agents is clothing for medical personnel. In modern medicine, the risk of spreading infectious diseases is becoming more and more dangerous during diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and during the care of patients.
Application: pharmaceutical industry, medical industry, military industry

Materials for the production of protective suits for medical services

Protection of medical personnel is particularly important. Everywhere, where the body of the worker is exposed to biological factors of risk groups 2, 3 and 4, protective clothing should be used. It has two basic functions:
  • prevents infectious agents from reaching the skin, which may be damaged,
  • prevents transmission of infectious agents to other people and in various situations

Clothing protecting against biological factors should meet the requirements set out in the PN EN 14126 standard. According to this standard, the material of protective clothing against biological factors should constitute a barrier for the whole body or its part, against direct contact with infectious agents. In addition to the barrier properties against infectious agents, the material of protective clothing against biological factors should show adequate mechanical resistance in the field abrasion, tearing, bending and flame retardant.

The new generation textile barrier materials we propose combine protective features with good functional properties, significantly improving the feeling of physiological comfort. They are multilayer, disposable or reusable products, coated with polyurethane vapor-permeable layers.

Materials for the production of medical sheets and mattress covers

We produce:
The Kora Textiles company offers a number of materials for the production of medical sheets:
  • cotton knitwear
  • cotton knitwear with an admixture of polyester
  • cotton terry
  • cotton terry with polyester blend
  • knitted fabrics with membranes ensuring high comfort of use, anti-bedsore, allowing breathing and draining the patient's sweat


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